It was between two climbing sessions on a tour in Thailand that a friend suggested we go diving. Obviously curious to discover all the vast mysteries of the underwater world that had, until then, remained completely foreign to me, I, of course, said yes.

Instantly. Hooked. And since that day I have dived, whenever and wherever I could.

That’s how I discovered some of the world’s most sublime places: the Maldives, Indonesia, Egypt and many others. That’s also how I got to meet some truly exceptional people; people who were only too happy to share their passion and their knowledge with me.

My work as a mountain guide takes me all over the world. And I’ve done a great deal of training in lots of places. So now I’m ready and very well equipped to take you diving too.

It really would be wonderful to come with you: whether it be to dive the various lakes of Switzerland or to put my know how at your disposal to organise the diving cruise of your wildest dreams.