Himachal Heliski 2019

Himachal Heliski 2019


« Nothing compares »

« Curry powder »

« Ski the Himalayas »


These are some of the superlatives that people commonly use to describe skiing in India. Well, skiing in India may not ring any belt, but Himachal or Manali sure does.

After a transfer by plane and bus between New Delhi and Manali, we make it to a beautiful hotel, surrounded by temples and magnificent mountains ! As soon as you get settled, we take off from our garden with the helicopter and we go off up to the mountains for six days of skiing.

We do mostly share a helicopter between 2 or 3 groups of 4 people. This will allow you to always have the helicopter near by and to hit up to 60’000 vertical meters in an area about Switzerland big, covered by mountains with tremendous terrain and landings sometimes up to 5’200 meters !

Dates :            mars 2019

Prix :               7850.- Eur per person for a week

Group size :   From 1 person up to four groups of 4 persons


These rates includes inland transfers, lodging in Manali with meals, 30’000 vertical meters.

These rates does not include flights to Delhi, as well as alcoholic beverages at the hotel.


If some of you would like to enjoy it in a more private group, would like to enjoy a more personal organization or simply have any question, please contact us :



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