Matterhorn Week

Matterhorn is more then probably the most emblematic summit of Switzerland, if not of Europe. It have been attracting people for centuries and still does. And believe it or not,  being up there is an amazing feeling !

This is why decision have been made to think about a good way to organise a program that would provide you all the skill set you need, in only one week, to climb the Matterhorn.

The Matterhorn week is born !


Program :

Day one :                    Riffelhorn (mountain climbing) and technical training

Day two :                    Breithorn, normal route and technical training

Day three :                 Via Ferrata Gorge / Rest Day

Day four :                   Kamel and then sleeping at Gandegg Hut

Day five :                    Pollux and sleeping at Guide Ayas Hut

Day six :                     Breithorn Traverse and back in Zermatt

Day seven :                Walking up to the Hörnli Hut

Day eight :                 Matterhorn


Dates :               Summer, from July to mid September, at you convenience.


Prix :                  5950.- CHF per person

The coasts of the lifts and the mountain huts are not included.


Level :               The way this progam is built makes it possible for people with little climbing experience and in good physical shape.


Contact :          To register or get some more information, please use the following link :